Cardiac Rehabilitation

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(NB. Please note that the PDF print outs of the programme lists, by country, are not automatically updated from the register entry. Changes to the register are made on an ongoing basis, and details are usually updated by NACR York within a week of being received. The PDFs are updated manually every quarter (January / April / July / October). Consequently, there may sometimes be a discrepancy between the updated register details, and the PDF print out.)

Phase 4 Exercise Programmes

If you have completed a cardiac rehabilitation programme and would like to find a continuation programme (Phase 4) that has a BACPR qualified instructor please click here.

Please email Nerina Onion if you discover incorrect information or know of other CR programmes not shown on this map.

If you run a Phase 4 exercise programme, and would like it added to the register, please contact the BACPR in the first instance who will authorise the addition, check qualifications, and then forward the request to NACR – email:

For more information about the BACPR and its training courses please click here

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